"Whilst the squabbles in the Tory Party rumble on, we worry about our future"

09 August 2017

This story was sent to us by Caron and Bob.

"We moved to live permanently in Spain a little over 12 years ago. We sold our property in the UK and moved over here lock stock and barrel. We own nothing in the UK. My husband pays income tax here in Spain, I pay income tax in the UK as it is obligatory to pay income tax in the UK on teachers' pension. We voted to remain in the EU because we believed that it would not only be in our own interests, but in the interests of our children and grandchildren and the rest of our family who live in the UK. Once the vote result came through we sat down and cried. We had an idea that Vote Leave would win due to the ridiculous lies it published. We were ashamed of our country on that day and embarrassed to be British Citizens. Our friends from around the EU were very supportive but incredulous at the same time.

Over the last 12 months, just as we were beginning to recover from the disastrous exchange rate that the financial crisis brought with it, we have seen our income, which comes in its entirety from the UK, plummet. We now struggle to pay our monthly bills let alone our annual bills.  Whilst the squabbles in the Tory Party rumble on, we worry about our future - if we will be able to continue to live here, if we will have to sell our house and return to the UK (at a substantial loss), if we will still have our health care, if the exchange rate will continue to plummet and put us in dire poverty.

The thought of returning to a country which is so inward looking, so racist, so negative, so breathtakingly stupid makes us want to curl up and die.

We don't know what our future holds other than relative poverty - not the dream we had when we originally moved here. Our retirement plans have been blighted by this ridiculous move. It's frustrating because we see Brexit as Europeans, we are more European now than British, thank God for that. Brexit has made us ashamed to be British. It has made us feel like aliens in our own country. In essence, leaving the EU leaves us all poorer, more vulnerable, exponentially  increases the chance of conflict within Europe and creates a United Kingdom which is inward looking, bigoted, racist and an embarrassment. It is unfortunate that the people who voted for Brexit, in their ignorance will suffer the consequences in perpetuity. As my wife said only today, this is a train crash that could be avoided by simply applying the brakes. Brexit should and must be stopped for the sake of all.

To add to our present situation, the unfortunate result is now being implemented by incapable, over privileged fools who can do as they wish as they are rich enough to not fear the consequences. We are still waiting for anyone to tell us one advantage in Brexit against the thousands of disadvantages. We thank you for this opportunity to abreact and hope it is of some help."

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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