Remaining in Europe crucial for Britain's future prosperity and security

10 February 2016

There will be much written about the deal the Government reached with our European partners on Britain’s EU membership.

Whatever the details, this referendum will be about far more than any changes David Cameron manages to achieve.

This is about our standing in the world, the jobs for our children and our future prosperity.

The fundamentals are clear. British workers are better off and better protected by being in the EU.

Our country is safer and better able to confront terrorism, climate change and security challenges when we work with our partners.

Leaving would put all of that at risk and diminish Britain’s global influence.

Labour has been clear that David Cameron must not use these reforms to damage protections at work guaranteed through our EU membership.

On the evidence so far, it seems the Tories have been prevented from hitting British workers’ rights to minimum paid leave, rights for agency workers, guaranteed paid maternity and paternity leave and protection from discrimination.

But the fact the Tories backed down doesn’t mean the battle is over.This referendum will be a historic moment.

Leaving would diminish us economically and diplomatically and could lead to an erosion of vital protections secured by our membership.

As we’ve been saying from the start, the longer this process goes on, the more risk and uncertainty there is.

That’s why Labour, unlike the Tories, are united in making our patriotic case for keeping Britain in Europe.


Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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