Platform workers' rights: we need a global solution

23 October 2019

Strokes, broken bones, miscarriages - the reality of a day at work for those employed by Amazon is far from how the world´s largest online retailer describes it "Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History". 

A recent survey conducted by the GMB union revealed the appalling, precarious conditions to which Amazon workers have been subjected. Over the past three years only, 600 ambulance call-outs have been made to Amazon warehouses has been made - one ambulance every two days. So far, Amazon are refusing to recognise the situation, or even meet with the union.  

​This week in Strasbourg, GMB National Officer Mick Rix met with Commissioner-designate for employment Nicolas Schmit and Labour MEP for the North East Jude Kirton-Darling, to discuss what can be done at EU level to tackle this ticking time bomb. The work has already been started globally by the GMB through an alliance of unions across the world working together to put an end to precarious working conditions for platform workers.

Commissioner-designate Schmit called this an important step: "Amazon is a global company, so we need a global answer and global measures to combat this problem. They live on the myth that they are on the modern side of industry and this is a myth we have to break. As long as you don't have robots doing these jobs, it´s people's lives we´re talking about."  

Find out more about the GMB's campaign Amazon workers are not robots.


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