Paul's speech in the European Parliament: moving towards a circular economy

07 July 2015

Resource efficiency and the circular economy are an exciting opportunity to deliver considerable benefits for the environment, promote innovative ways to tackle climate change and create jobs in one fell swoop.

Let me focus on just one element of the report we are about to adopt: the 2050 horizon for sustainable use of resources in the EU, which contains a provision to implement the principle of cascading use of resources, notably in the use of biomass.

Cascading use means prioritising the most advanced applications of resources before, say, burning them for fuel.

This is particularly true for wood, which can be easily applied in construction, manufacturing, textiles or even the automotive industry - all of which have a huge potential for jobs.

In regions such as my North East constituency, which suffers from some of the highest rates of unemployment in the UK, giving our backing to Wednesday's report is crucial. It would help factories such as Robertson, specialising in wooden frames for houses, reopen for business and provide a vital boost to the local economy. Put simply: resource efficiency means jobs.

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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