Paul speaks in the European Parliament about new legislation helping to tackle climate change

16 April 2018

Today, Paul Brannen MEP gave a speech in the European Parliament in Strasbourg about the importance of Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) - a new piece of legislation that is of key importance to the EU´s work to tackle climate change. Watch or read his speech below:

"Across the EU 10% of our carbon emissions are absorbed by our forest cover so how we manage and use our forests is of crucial importance. 

As well as our forests playing a key role so do other forms of land use such as agriculture and wetlands. 

Agriculture needs to deliver its part; and the LULUCF text explicitly refers to agro-ecology and agroforestry, as practices that can deliver on climate change.

Wetlands, including peat lands, can absorb staggeringly high amounts of carbon.  For instance there is more CO2 stored in the peat lands of northern England than in all of the forests of the UK, France and Germany together.

Wetlands, including peat lands, will be included mandatorily in the LULUCF accounting as of 2026 which was not in the Commission, nor Council proposal and as such is a ‘win’ for this Parliament.

The LULUCF proposal also recognises the role of long-life harvested wood products and deadwood, both of which have a potential of storing carbon for long enough to be relevant for our climate action.

Increasing the range of products to which wood harvested in our forests goes, including long life engineered construction timbers such as Cross Laminated Timber and Laminated Veneer Lumber, can help countries improve their climate action.

The S&D recognise that the legislation falls short on forestland delivery to climate action.

But this new LULUCF legislation means that how we use land is being recognised as of key importance in tackling climate change." 

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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