Paul joins urgent call to halt deforestation in European woodlands

27 March 2018

An urgent call has been put forward to the European Commission to halt the continuous deforestation and damage occurring in European woodlands.

A cross-party group of MEPs including Paul Brannen MEP have urged the Commission Vice-Presidents to commit to delivering an ambitious action plan, including legislative proposals.

As part of the new global agenda on sustainable development, the EU and member states of the United Nations have formally agreed to halt and reverse deforestation and forest degradation by 2020. The letter calls on the EU to lead the way and take immediate measures to deliver these commitments.

This issue not only affects our life and society, also the creatures that inhabit it, all will face the ultimate survival challenge if carbon dioxide emissions are not reduced through the prevention of deforestation. The European Commission has been urged to make a decision on the matter prior to the end of the commission’s mandate.

The full letter is available to read here:


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