North East gets better deal from Brussels than Westminster

20 February 2015

The region benefits from higher levels of European funding than other areas in the country, and has faced higher spending cuts from Westminster meaning that European funding is increasingly important to the North East.

North East Chamber of Commerce figures reveal that the North East gets more EU funds than any other region. Those funds, such as the European Regional Development Fund, help create jobs and growth. However, NECC figures also show that the North East has been hit hardest by cuts from Westminster leaving the Chamber to warn that any loss of EU funds would disproportionately hit the North East.

Paul Brannen MEP said "These figures show the importance of EU funding to the region. They benefit business and benefit local people by creating jobs and growth. With Westminster cuts being increasingly focussed on the North East it means that European investment is ever more important and it is clear to see that we get a better deal from Brussels than we do from our own Government in Westminster."

Local Cuts

EU Funding Cuts

Figures show that the North East benefits from the largest amount of EU funds than any other region.

Figures also show that the North East has been badly hit by cuts from Central Government

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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