Launching Together Under The Umbrella – 1 in 3 people in Europe live with brain disorder

15 March 2016

Together Under the Umbrella launched today (March 15th) at the European Parliament, Brussels.

This innovative campaign is a year-long initiative of the European Federation of Neurological Associations [EFNA], aiming to raise societal awareness of the wide range of brain disorders, their impact and prevalence.

This should lead to an increase in public, political and scientific support for all brain and brain-related disorders – and, ultimately, reduce stigma.

The campaign asks the public to post a picture of themselves under an umbrella to social media using the hashtag #UnderTheUmbrella and link to the campaign’s online hub where key messages, interesting facts and campaign details will be displayed – alongside a list of supporting neurology patient organisations and further information on the disease areas they represent.

Together Under the Umbrella came about in response to demands by EFNA members to ‘brand the brain’ by grouping brain disorders under a common symbol. 

The campaign is linked to the European Brain Council’s Call for Action which asks:

• The European Commission to come forward with a European strategy to tackle brain disorders in a collaborative, integrated and comprehensive manner, as well as to further support European Union Member States and associated countries in their efforts to combat the impact of brain disorders.

• European Union member states and associated countries to implement public health programmes addressing brain health in a systematic way, making the best possible use of available resources in order to stimulate more and better co-ordinated brain research, and to foster strategies for prevention, early detection, diagnosis and adequate treatment.

For more information visit or follow @UnderUmbrellaEU on Twitter.

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