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Here you’ll find all the most recent updates from Jude's work in the European Parliament and around the North East.

15 January
Today’s vote defending citizens’ rights is a warning shot the UK government...
15 January
Jude Kirton-Darling has today called on MEPs to “be brave and demand action” on...
12 December
What’s going on with the environment? Our planet is heating up. This brings...
10 December
Today (10 December 2019) marks the final day of 16 Days of Action/Activism in...
28 November
The European Parliament has today backed a Labour-led resolution declaring a...
21 November
The S&D Group today welcomed the adoption of Vietnam's reformed labour code...
20 November
The story of post-war European integration is a story of peace-building and my...
18 November
Labour MEPs have written to the Prime Minister demanding the government applies...


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