Labour MEPs support resolution on humanitarian situation in Yemen

25 February 2016

Labour MEPs voted this week to support the motion for a resolution on the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen, which was passed at this week's European Parliament Plenary Session on Thursday.

This resolution was put down at the initiative of the European Group in which Labour MEPs are members, and was personally negotiated by a Richard Howitt MEP. There is no question that the EPLP condones the violation of human rights that the people, women, children and men are facing in Yemen.

Labour MEPs supported the resolution and, again, there is no question of the language being watered down - there is a straight 'for' and 'against' vote on the specific amendment on the arms embargo.

The draft resolution recognises abuses on all sides in Yemen and simply seeks to uphold the EU Code of Conduct on arms exports, which already prohibits the export of arms where these may be used in contravention of international humanitarian law.

The resolution proposed is not one that can be portrayed simply as being "anti-Saudi Arabia." There are strong human rights concerns about the Saudis, but the EPLP also recognises the importance of engaging Saudi Arabia in peace talks to end conflicts in Yemen, Syria and to uphold the Arab Peace Plan with respect to the Palestinians.

The resolution is about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, and is motivated solely by seeking to end the suffering of the people there.

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