Labour IN For Britain

01 December 2015

Labour’s pro-EU campaign, Labour In For Britain, has launched a distinctive campaign focussing on the important of staying in the EU for families and businesses.

The leader of Labour’s campaign, the MP Alan Johnson, said in a video released before the campaign launch that the social and economic benefits of staying in the EU were obvious and had a wide impact on family finances.

In the video, Johnson said: “It’s about jobs. Jobs that put food on the table for millions of British families. It’s about British businesses. Businesses that rely on Europe for trade worth £26.5bn every year. And it’s about a better future. A future that comes from Britain taking our place at the top table and not turning our back on the world. We can’t put jobs, business – our future – at risk. That’s why I’m in for Britain.”

Johnson’s leadership of the campaign and its emphasis on families is particularly important because of the MP’s past life as a postman, who was raising  three children on a council estate before the age of 25.

In a separate development, a total of 213 of Labour’s 231 MPs have signed up to the campaign, including the entire shadow cabinet, showing Labour’s united approach on Europe.

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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