Jude and Paul Question Proposed Commissioners

01 October 2014

Jude and Paul are questioning the proposed EU Commissioners. Find out more here about how it all works.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the incoming president of the European Commission proposes the roles that each commissioner designate, who are put forward by each of 28 member states of the European Union, will have. Each commissioner designate attends a hearing where Members of the European Parliament (to scrutinise them on their suitability for their proposed role) question them. There is a vote within the relevant committee, so Jude voted in the hearing for Cecelia Malmstrom (Sweden), the proposed Trade Commissioner as Jude is on the Trade Committee.

As a member of the Agriculture Committee Paul will vote on the appointment of Phil Hogan (Ireland) who is the proposed Agriculture Commissioner. There is then a vote of the whole Parliament on the entire proposed Commission, where it can either accept or reject all commissioners.

It is difficult at this stage to vote 'no' to a whole commission based on the views of one commissioner. Paul and Jude's strategy has been to directly question the commissioners in the hearings where they have had the opportunity. Where they haven't been able to ask questions directly they have worked with colleagues in their political grouping, the Socialists and Democrats (S&D), to ask questions and receive reassurances.

The purpose of asking those questions and seeking assurances and guarantees is to be able to hold them to account over the lifetime of the Commission. Where Jude and Paul haven't had a direct say in the appointment of a commissioner but have received correspondence, calls or tweets they have passed those comments on.

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