Jude and Paul hold North East Youth Summit

01 November 2016

The North East Youth Summit was held on Monday, to consult youngsters in the region about their reactions to Brexit.

The event, held at Hartlepool College and chaired by Jude Kirton-Darling MEP, asked over seventy young people how they thought their lives would change because of our vote to leave the European Union, and what they hoped the region could gain from the process.

The young people attending came from schools, colleges and universities in the region.

Jude Kirton-Darling MEP said:

“As the government prepares to exit the EU, young people must be consulted on their ideas and feelings about the vote to leave the European Union, and the kind of Britain they want to live in.

“It was great to hear our young people’s views on Monday, many strongly held, although the majority did not get to vote in the referendum. They all felt they had a stake in the decision and would be affected by how we Brexit.

“From whether we should remain in the single market or prioritise curbs on immigration, there is no single North East ‘youth view’ on the world Theresa May is building and they deserve a voice in this process.”

Paul Brannen MEP said:

“The future of young people is a major issue to consider as we prepare to leave the European Union.  

“They will unquestionably be the most affected by this massive change in circumstances and it is vital that we negotiate with their best interests in mind.

“This event showed that young people are engaged with politics and concerned about our changing world, and we ought to be taking their concerns to heart.”

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?
Total votes: 811

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