European Labour Party helps fight terrorism

19 January 2016

A Labour MEP is leading the European Parliament’s fight against terrorism within EU borders.

Claude Morales MEP is chair of the civil liberties, justice and home affairs (LIBE) committee, which has launched the new European Counter-Terrorism Centre, which will support the existing body Europol and the EU’s counter-terrorism network.

It will create a new Secure Information Exchange Network Application (SIENA), which will be used to communicate with the anti-terrorist organisations of countries outside of the EU.

The Europol information system has thus far been successful in tracking so-called foreign terrorist fighters and is especially crucial as a tool to use in the future to deal with this threat.

Claude Moraes MEP said:

"The new ECTC builds on the solid reputation of Europol in detecting and preventing terrorism on EU soil.

"In the run up to the EU referendum, it is important that UK citizens will see the added value of justice and home affairs measures at EU level - in this case, measures which will keep them safe."

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