EU funds to support our kids' health

08 March 2016

Children across the European Union will eat more healthily thanks to a vote today in the European Parliament on new legislation which will give EU member states the option, if they so wish, to freely distribute fruit, vegetables and milk in schools across the Union, all the year round.

The changes will promote healthy eating habits, local food, organic farming and the fight against food waste.  There was also a special mention of fairly traded bananas from the developing world.

Paul Brannen MEP, Labour's agriculture spokesperson in the EU parliament, said:

"Drinking milk at school is something most of us will remember, I was a milk monitor myself at Murton Junior School, North Shields. Now, thanks to this vote there will be extra funds, made available by directing existing money, to enable EU governments to provide daily milk, vegetables and fruit including bananas to our school children - if they wish.

"Not only will this benefit school children but it will also benefit producers from around the UK and Europe.

"Children between six and ten years old will participate in the programme, but pre-school and secondary classes will also have the option to participate.

"Furthermore, this vote will give the European Parliament a greater say in any future changes to this important scheme that promotes the health of our children.”

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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