A Day in the Life of an MEP

01 February 2016

A guest post from Eve, who spent a day with us on work experience:

Ever since becoming more interested and involved in politics I’ve wanted to gain some insight and experience with politicians, however I’ve always felt that on the news and on the websites that I read, politics seems very Westminster-centric and people aren’t told about the real the importance and the positon of the UK in relation to the EU, which was the main reason why I wished to work shadow an MEP.

Personally, I think it’s important that there’s a solid socialist-democratic case for the EU, and the points towards the case are much more personal and hold a cultural and social message rather than the constant business arguments that seemed to be received from the TV, which albeit, are important, however are not the only arguments to win people over.

Back in October, Jude came to give a debate with Jonathon Arnott, a North Eastern MEP for UKIP at my school in Yarm. After around 40 minutes of healthy and insightful debating it was clear which argument resonated most with the lecture hall. Jude was able to give an interesting and personal spin, talking about her mum and siblings in Middlesbrough and the benefit that the EU had and was going to have on them and that area.

This was heavily contrasted with the much more negative and condescending argument given by Jonathon, that simply seemed to just ridicule the EU without giving any plausible alternatives, as well as being very pessimistic about any prospect of the UK receiving a better deal from the EU. It was obvious from what was discussed that more personable and social arguments seemed to relate more to myself and the people sitting around me, as most people have very little grasp to how the EU is so important to business and UK economics.

Since gaining an interest in politics, the international side of things has always interested me however I hadn’t known much about it until recently but I definitely do believe that the importance of the EU needed to be highlighted but in more understandable and ‘lighter’ terms, when trying to communicate the pro-European argument, which I definitely gauged from Jude.

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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