The cost to North Families of leaving the EU

18 January 2016

Research commissioned by the official campaign group to remain in the European Union, Britain Stronger in Europe, shows the cost to families in the North East of leaving the EU.

The research suggests that being in the EU saves the UK around £11bn in the cost of imports, meaning that the price of everyday items would rise if the UK were to vote to leave the EU.

The findings are being distributed in leaflets throughout the UK, with the campaign literature stating: “Being in the EU makes it cheaper to import vital goods from the EU, which means lower prices for every family. If we left the EU, the cost of these imports would increase by £11bn – meaning you and your family would have to pay more as prices go up.”

Renegotiations to Britain’s membership of the EU are ongoing, but the research shows the vital importance of the EU to families in the North East and across the UK.

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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