The Copyright Directive

13 September 2018

The Copyright Directive was voted in the European Parliament on September 12th and has now moved forwards into negotiations with the European Commission and Council. The essence of this vote was to ensure creative workers get fairly paid for their work and are not exploited by large on-line platforms. It was necessary to readdress the balance between, on the one hand, large internet companies, and on the other, creative workers, such as musicians, authors and journalists.

As Labour MEPs, we voted for our socialist values, and to pay creators properly for their work, protect them against exploitation and end the unfair monopoly of a few big platforms. We supported amendments to the Commission proposal that strengthened the rights of individual users to ensure that they are not responsible for copyright infringement when uploading content. We have paid particular attention to ensure that no liability is attributed to individual users, but rather the service providers, such as social media platforms, who use content without a licence. This means that users sharing links to news publications on social media are not affected, it is the platforms who are held accountable for the use of the work.

The Directive will proceed with the negotiations, and will come back to the European Parliament once more, likely early next year, to be voted into legislation.

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