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The past few days have brought some dubious press coverage on the way Labour MEPs voted on the Brexit resolution in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday 3rd ...
Image shows European Parliament Committee room, where committee members sit at desks arranged as concentric circles
23 November 2018
Today the Petitions Committee in the European Parliament heard an update on the...
21 October 2018
This article was originally published on Euractiv:
03 October 2018
Last night the European Parliament called for urgent action on the...
24 July 2018
Has Theresa May survived? Perhaps - it is still too early to say, but what is...
20 June 2018
Cross-party MEPs have urged Donald Trump to immediately put a stop to his...
19 June 2018
MEPs in the Petitions Committee have today voted to help give voting rights to...
30 May 2018
The long awaited reform on trade defence instruments had been blocked by...
23 May 2018
Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg met face to face with representatives...
17 May 2018
Accidental Americans are EU citizens who solely by virtue of being born on US...


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