Casework update April-July 2016

25 July 2016

We receive a large amount of constituency casework each month on a variety of issues. Below is a summary of the types of issues people have been contacting our office about between April and July 2016.  

The correspondents that we receive can be split into two categories: 

The first are “mass mailings”. These are standard letters normally written by campaign groups and sent from websites likes 38 degrees. We can receive thousands or tens of thousands of emails of this type on a single issue. When we receive a new mass mailing we work with our European Parliamentary Labour Party colleagues to ensure that people receive an appropriate response. You can also find updates on big issues on our website.

The second type of email that we receive are bespoke emails from constituents regarding a very wide variety of subjects. For enquires with an EU angle our office will try and find the answer for you. This can involve research, working with fellow MEPs, or requesting answers directly from the European Commission or other relevant body. If the enquiry is not related to the EU, and we are unable to provide an answer, we will endeavour to help you find the most relevant person or organisation that can.

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