Stop Social Dumping

09 February 2016

Social dumping is a practice of employers using cheaper labour than what is usually available at the site where they produce or sell. In the case of production, migrant workers are employed, in the case of selling, production is moved to a low-wage country or area.

What action are we taking?

Siôn Simon, the Labour MEP for the West Midlands, is running a public consultation on social dumping.

French MEP Guillaume Balas is drafting a report on Social Dumping for the Europen Parliament. It aims to tackle some of the issues that cause Social Dumping to occur in Member States. As part of a joint commitment I'll be supporting Guillaume Balas as he authors his report. I'll also be suggesting that the report look at three key areas where we can improve our position on social dumping.

1. Freedom of movement is being abused by businesses to evade working standards
We need to make it clear that workers are not commodities. The EU needs to fulfil its social objectives and ensure that it's serving citizens and not just companies.

2. Loopholes in EU legislation let letterbox companies evade working and social security standards
We need stronger legislation on letterbox companies that are based in one country, but conduct business entirely in another country. We need to establish strong rules for cross border liability for migrant labour.

3. Weak enforcement of working standards inspections leaves abuse unchecked
We need a Directive on minimum inspection standards and a revision of the Posted Workers directive. We need to ensure that workers of different nationalities doing the same job are treated equally.

You can submit your experiences with social dumping here.

Do you think the North East needs its own voice in the EU exit negotiations?

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