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Here you’ll find all the most recent updates from Jude and Paul’s work in the European Parliament and around the North East.

26 April
Why is wood so tree-mendous for the North East? Read Paul's latest column to...
13 April
Vacancy: Head of Communications for North East MEPs Based in Brussels or...
13 April
The campaign to bring back the blue passport, pushed by the Sun and a number of...
11 April
As the triggering of Article 50 has now become a reality, I’m slowly coming to...
Forests for nature
11 April
While it’s entirely appropriate for the majority of EU forests to be ultimately...
Mix trees and forests in an agroforestry win-win
11 April
In maths 2 + 2 = 4 but in agroforestry 2 + 2 can sometimes equal 5!  ...
Protect wetlands, especially peat lands, as they sequester even more carbon than forests
11 April
Wetlands, including peat lands, are fantastic at absorbing and holding onto...
Build with wood to store more carbon
11 April
Even after a tree is chopped down the timber continues to hold carbon,...
11 April
40% of the EU is covered with forest and these trees absorb at least 10% of our...
10 April
Labour MEPs have called on the government to urgently come up with a plan that...


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