Labour MEPs vote to regulate vetinary medicinal products

30 March 2016

Lots of you have got in touch with us, so we thought we would let you know about the plenary vote on the proposal for a regulation on veterinary medicinal products took place on 10th March 2016.

Labour MEPs are concerned regarding the prophylactic use of antibiotics in livestock and the spread of antimicrobial resistance, and everything they asked for at the vote on the 10th was accepted.

Labour MEPs believe in the One Health approach. This means limiting the use of medicines in agriculture, primarily to ensure that the use of antibiotics in farming is limited as much as possible or eliminated entirely.

The supported specific amendments to the report that would ban prophylactic use of antibiotics in farming except for a very few restricted cases. Other amendments will restrict the use of certain antibiotics that are of critical importance to humans, including collistin. They also supported strict regulation of the off-label use (i.e. the practice to give antibiotics not authorized for the indication or species or antibiotics only authorised in human medicine to animals). In addition, this ensures that prescriptions for antibiotics are only issued by veterinarians after a clinical examination has been performed.

Labour MEPs believe this vote sent a strong signal that they are strongly opposed to compromising public health for the profits made by large industrial farming enterprises. Their support for restrictions on the use of antibiotics in farm animals is a part of broader efforts to make European farming more sustainable, safer and healthier for the consumers.

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